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Does your baby have dry skin?

You only just got home from the hospital, and already your new baby is developing dry skin. Instead of wondering what is going on and if you did something wrong, here are some helpful tips to put your mind at ease and provide helpful advice.
The first thing you should know is that dry skin is very common, especially in babies and young children.
Keeping your baby’s skin clean and moisturized is very important. This will help keep the skin healthy and prevent irritated, dry skin. Taking baths once a day and using moisturizing creams 2-4 times a day will help prevent dryness.
New babies get dry skin, just like older children and adults. In fact, your baby’s skin may develop dry, flaky patches with a few hours after birth. Newborns are especially susceptible to dry skin because their skin is so delicate. Many babies have dry, peeling skin immediately after birth, particularly if they’re born after 40 weeks. This is normal and gets better quickly.
One of the most common reasons for your baby’s dry skin is their body adjusting to life outside the womb. Your little one lived in liquid for the past nine months, so their skin cells were not able to flake off like yours do. Now that your baby has come into the world, their skin is making up for lost time by shedding off its top layer and this process presents itself as dry, flaky skin.
Another cause of dry skin is your baby’s body adjusting to new hormones. For nine months, your baby relied on your hormones. Now your newborn’s body has to start producing its own hormones, and this change often leads to newborn dry skin. In fact, you may have developed dry skin during pregnancy for a similar reason.
In short, your baby’s body simply needs time to adapt. You should keep your baby comfortable while this is happening and ensure that it doesn’t get worse by following the tips below.


Your baby should be bathed at least once a day. Baths will introduce moisture into the skin, remove irritants from the skin, and help prevent infections. Try to follow these tips:


Once you take your baby out of the bath, quickly pat them dry with a towel, then apply moisturizer immediately. Applying the moisturizer within minutes of taking your baby out of the tub will seal in the water that’s still in their skin from the bath. Moisturizers can be used several times during the day.
Moisturizers like Fabie Baby All Day Care Baby Lotion are designed to lock moisture into your baby’s skin and prevent it from evaporating. This helps to keep your baby’s skin soft and supple and reduce itching.
Keep taking care for your baby’s skin even after dryness or irritation has calmed down. Skin may get irritated again, so it needs special care daily.


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