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I still can’t tell you how I feel, but I can laugh, coo and cuddle when I am happy and cry when something is not right.
My skin is delicate, five times thinner than yours, and I need gentle care to feel safe and comfortable and warm.
This is why I want to feel Fabie, and feel satisfied and happy when I am bathed, cleaned and scented, when my skin is nourished, and when I do not have a rash.
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Fabie Baby products are created with natural, safe ingredients that help nourish, soothe and protect your baby’s skin.
Fabie Baby products are effective and easy to use, keep the Ph balance of baby’s skin, and their subtle scent makes your baby cosy and relaxed.
The collection consists of products of the highest quality, designed according to the latest recipes and completely mild baby-friendly ingredients.

Fabie Garten

We all know baby skin is different, more supple, soft and sensitive yet many of us do not know

Many of us often observe kids around us play their own imaginary games- where kids enact roles of a

Power packed with nutrients like flavonoids, phenolic antioxidants, omega-6 fatty acids, dietary fiber, and vitamins, sesame oil today has